P.O. BOX 402 | TEL/FAX: +264 67 313819 | CELL. 0811247376
OUTJO | NAMIBIA | EMAIL: maansteenkamp@iway.na

Lazy Spade charcoal is owned and managed by Maans and Agnes Steenkamp. Both Maans and Agnes grew up in Outjo, Namibia and this is also the base for Lazy Spade charcoal.

Lazy Spade produces charcoal in a 100km radius around Outjo, as well as in the Kamanjab and Damaraland areas of Namibia. Lazy Spade utilize between 400 and 700 charcoal workers, who harvest between 1500ton and 2000ton Namibian hardwood per month depending on environmental factors.

Lazy Spade has two major distributors namely: Jumbo Charcoal and Namchar. They distribute and sell respectively in Europe and South Africa.

Lazy Spade proud itself in it's commitment to finding more efficient methods of harvesting and production of charcoal and numerous exiting methods are being investigated and tested. We foresee a revolution that will up production and minimize the effect of rain within the next year. These methods will be a huge improvement on the carbon footprint and environmental risk associated with the industry.