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Lazy Spade charcoal is made from invader bush, Namibian hardwood acacia species, mainly:
Acacia Mellifera (black thorn), Acacia Tortilla (umbrella thorn) and Acacia Reficiens (red thorn).
These trees produces some of the highest quality charcoal with a fixed carbon content between 75% and 82% and Moisture Content (MC) of less than 3%. The dense, long burning charcoal with intense heat is mainly a result of the slow growth in a dry climate.
Invader bush is selected and harvested and charcoal is produced through a carbonation process in metal drums, or kilns on farms where the wood is harvested. The charcoal is then transported from Northern Namibia to the distributors, mainly in Okahandja and Cape Town.
The use of invader bush species for the manufacturing of charcoal has been accepted through numerous studies as an environmental enhancing practice. The process improves stock carrying ability together with a range of other benefits to the land.
Lazy Spade's charcoal production from invader bush species is therefore unique in that it delivers a vital product, while at the same time benefiting the environment.